Knitting stitches are basically pixels, right? I took that idea to the extreme, and converted a screenshot of Level 1-1 from the original NES Mario Bros. game into a ginormous knitting chart made up of over 10 sheets of tabloid paper taped together, which I used to make a sweater vest for my video game-loving husband.


Well over 100 comments were posted by people eager to get their hands on a pattern. So always true to my word, I made one. You can download it here. We will be having a photo contest in conjunction with GameCity for the most interesting photo of your completed Mario Sweater Vest in March and April, so get knitting!

Getting a Custom Colour of Yarn

I found the best selection of colours of yarn at KnitPicks, which has almost every colour you could imagine. Almost.

I looked everywhere, and couldn’t find the bright green that I needed for the pipe and small bush, so I ordered an extra skein of white and dyed it with chartreuse acid dye to get the colour I needed. All that to knit a pipe and a small bush! But I think the result was well worth it.



Making the Sweater

I just made up the armhole and neckline shaping as I went along, and held up the half-finished sweater in front of my hubby to make sure the shaping was working. I left live stitches on the shoulders on stitch holders while I finished the rest of the sweater, so that they could be grafted together at the end for a seamless finish, and then picked up stitches along the armhole and neckline edges with a circular needle to knit the ribbed trimming.

The design wraps seamlessly around the sweater from front to back. I originally knit the row of rocks (or are they bricks?) around the bottom of the sweater using a Fair Isle technique, but the whole thing ended up bunching up to about half it’s intended width. So in the end, I cut that section out, knit 16 rows of plain brown, seamlessly grafted the two sections back together again and then embroidered the pink and black lines that make up the pattern of bricks using a stitch that mimics knit stitches.