Because she is awesome (and possibly to promote her books), Debbie Stoller has posted some free knitting videos online. The first one is for absolute beginner knitters: it demonstrates the long-tail cast-on and the knit stitch using the English style of knitting (with the yarn in the right hand for right-handed knitters). It would have been nice if she’d also explained how to bind off, so that you could start making squares of garter stitch right away, but I suppose that gives you an excuse to buy her book. Below you can see a screen shot of Debbie showing us how to do the knit stitch.

As you can see, the funky orange background makes the video extremely visually appealing, and also makes it easier to see the yarn. I really enjoyed the fun, lighthearted nature of this introductory video, and the camera shots make it very easy to follow what Debbie is doing. I also really like that there’s a lot of text that flies by to highlight the important points she talks about. It really helps reinforce the learning process.

The second and third videos are all about knitting lace. One shows us how to do a yarn-over (see above screenshot) in both English and Continental knitting styles, and before both a knit stitch and a purl stitch. She also explains that lace knitting is only putting holes in knitted fabric, and so it shouldn’t be as intimidating as it looks.

The final video is all about decreases, and it covers right-leaning decreases, left-leaning decreases, and double-decreases. Even though I’ve knit some very complicated lace patterns (this, for example), I still learned something from this video. One issue I’ve always had is figuring out which are right-leaning and left-leaning decreases. However, Debbie explains this quite clearly:

Whichever stitch you put your needle into first is the one that’s gonna end up on top in the decrease.

It seems obvious when I think about it, but for some reason, I just never did! She also explains how these decreases work with lovely pictures of ballerinas:

To sum up, these are some really great videos. Debbie Stoller’s incredible ability to make knitting seem so easy and to give extremely clear instructions really come through, not just because of her explanations themselves, but also because of the style and editing of the videos. I certainly hope we can see more of them soon!