I made this baby-sized Link costume as a baby shower gift for a couple of close friends. Both are huge fans of Zelda, and they are expecting their first child very soon. After posting it on Craftster I was absolutely blown away by the response it received—over 30,000 hits in just one week, and before long dozens of blogs from Geekologie.com to Kotaku.com and even GayGamer.net wrote about my nerdy little outfit! (I love the GayGamer logo, by the way! Would it be inappropriate to call it fabulous?)

You can download the pattern on our Freebies page. Now you’ll be able to dress up the infant of your choice as Link! Don’t have an infant handy? Make a Baby Link Outfit anyway! Your significant other just might make a baby with you just to be able to dress him/her up as Link!

To view the PDF you’ll need Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it, you can download it here for free: Download Acrobat Reader